Competition Agility

Competition Agility is a fun and exciting activity for both the owner and dog. Training for trials requires both dedication and experience.

We have the necessary obstacles and space to train dogs for competitive agility. With special emphasis on preparing dogs and their handlers for competition, we have see-saws, crossovers, tunnels, jumps and weave poles, etc in an outdoor course to train dogs obstacles set up.

Competition Obedience

Preparing your dog for competition obedience is a fun and rewarding experience. It enables you to bond with your dog and they develop confidence in themselves. For competition obedience the tasks must be performed in a highly stylized and particular manner, and we can work together to strive towards readiness for Competition Obedience trials.

Rally Obedience "Rally-O"

Rally Obedience is a new form of competition that is become more and more popular across the nation. Sometimes referred to as "Rally-O" it involves the handler and dog moving quickly through a course with 10 to 20 stations. Each station includes a sign with instructions as to what skill needs to be performed and the dog must complete the skill within two to four feet of the sign.

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