Foundation Training

Strengthening your relationship with your dog starts with foundation training which covers the key components of living together with your dog. You want to form a standard communication with your dog that is both consistent and clear. With this level of consistency you can form a relationship with your dog where both you and your dog can predict one another's responses when you communicate.

Foundation training takes place in private lessons. This is where we start with your dog, and then together we decide if and when you and your dog would participate in shared classes, based on the dog's progress and your goals as an owner.

Behavior Modification

You may have a dog that reacts unfavorably to certain kinds of stimulus. Dogs can many times be angels in most aspects of their lives, but have strong anxieties towards certain things. Some examples could be people-anxiety, dog-aggression, or just getting too easily distracted by the day-to-day life activities. Together with your dog you can focus and addressing and learning together how to refocus and channel this behavior, so that your dog can rely on their foundational techniques when in these kinds of situations. With exercises and training and focusing specifically on your dog's unique situation and behaviors you can make a profound impact on your dog's life and your relationship together.

Agility for Fun

Learning agility is not limited to the competition level. Many owners and their dogs enjoy learning and taking part in agility exercises and obstacles just for the fun of it. Following the established foundation relationship between owner and dog you can also learn the different obstacles (all of them or just the ones you think would be fun). Whether or not you one day would like to try competing, this type of training is a great confidence builder for owner and dog (and is also fun to show off to friends and family.)

Competition Level Training

If you are interested in working with your dog towards attending competitions, or just to sharpen skills for competition level, visit the Competition Page.

Group Classes

After you and your dog have achieved goals from the foundation training you may want to participate in group classes with other dogs and their owners.

Classes are ongoing and people may join at any time, and they are pay as you go -- so you do not have to worry about committing to a set amount of classes.


Private Lessons $30/hr One on one lessons with Lois and your dog
Shared Lessons $20/hr Shared Private lessons where Lois may recommend having another dog/owner with a dog that is at a similar level and would benefit to have both work together.
Group Classes $12/hr Classes are pay-as-you-go, with no pre-commitment to any number of classes.

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